Content Mistakes Almost All Businesses Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Writing good content became a crucial factor for any business in the modern world, good and exceptional content attracts good readers and potential customers.

As the famous advertisement business founder Leo Burnett said about content: “Make it simple, make it memorable, make it inviting to look at, make it fun to read”.

This quote is suitable and marks every the values of every content writer should be aware of, to be put into his writings.

Writing content is so important for business these days, we live in the evolution of Social Media, and many types of content are spreading all over the different media channels, that is why many business hires professional content writers and experts to take care of this matter for their businesses.


Needless to say; nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes, we deal with them, and as an advancing step, knowing about them will prevent you as a content writer to avoid them.

Content mistakes are common, and many businesses make them, on this article we will study some of these know common mistakes, and on the same time we will express some preparations to avoid them on the first hand.

  • The variety of content`s type:

Most business companies would concentrate on one or two types of content, whether it is written content, photos, video, or audio.

Well, that is proven wrong, creative content creators tend to turn one idea into many possible types of content, remember your audience are not the same type, among them people who like to read, others who like to watch videos, and more.

Determine content types depends on your audience reaction towards them, study the results and pick the most successful types of content, and do not forget to always try new things.

  • Centering on the Product only:

Many business owners, especially the ones who belongs to “the old school”, or even the new comers on the field, think that marketing or advertising should be always on presenting the product, and of course this is totally wrong on the modern world of marketing.

A successful marketer would provide his audience with attracting content materials that goes around the product, and informatical content related to the product in indirect way, while direct selling the product / business service every while, by picking the right time and attitude.

  • Content posting:

A piece of content is never dead unless it has major changes of information, when you publish / post a good piece of content, which is well received by your audience, it is not wrong to publish it again from time to time.

For example on a major Social Media channel like Facebook, audience would not always catch up with all of your posts, so it is okay to post an article more than one time every certain period.

  • Promotions, promotions, and more promotions:

One the famous sales methods is selling via promotions, some business would do these promotions on a continuous basis, every sales man know this old psychological trick, to make a customer feel he / she will buy a bargain of the product.

Maybe that would work for once or twice, but not all the time, a returning customer will realize that the real price of the product is the promotion price!

With the word spreading via Social Media, and intellectual persons who do products reviews, this is going to make a negative impact on the product or business reputation.

Make a real promotion, from time to time, make the customer feel that your product is valuable, it is a market applied rule to the quote: “Do not sell your self short”.

  • Determining the media channels:

As we talked above about the importance of your content to be variable, you ought to apply this rule on your media distribution channels too.

Do not always stick to one Social Media channel only, pick more than one to have a Social Media presence for your product / service, also it depends on your content type and the targeted audience and their reaction.

And you should not always stick to the Social Media only, printing materials still has its charming impact, a blog for your website is great, and billboards still work too!

  • Underestimating the audience:

This is harsh to say, but many businesses including famous ones, fell down in no time and losing their credibility, when they underestimated their audience on their publishing content.

For example: One act of racism, sexism, and wrong attitude can result in major failures.

There are many persons and Media people who like to catch companies wrong reacting or bad moments to show it to the public audience.

The main thing here to solve that is to know your audience carefully, know what sort of impact could happen for every single piece of content will post for them.